To create a design in the SSRS on the basis of the Country


Is there anyone knows that how we can hide the design on the basis of Country region.For e.g there is a rectangle in the header of the report and I want to make visible this rectangle only for few countries.Do I have to make new design or we can write any expression for this?

right click on table and go to hide and show property and select the condition for showing and hiding the table… most preferbly you need to use countryregion ID for that like =IIF((Parameters!Product.Value = “SOAP” And Parameters!HGroupby1.Value = “WHEAT” And Parameters!HGroupby1.Value = “RICE”) AND (Parameters!Range.Value = 1 Or Parameters!Range.Value = 2 Or Parameters!Range.Value = 3)),True, False)

Hi Rohit

Thanks for the reply

I didn’t get you …What If I have to hide the rectangle …Is there any expression for rectangle?..what If I have to show rectangle only for country region Italy and Germany…then what should I do for this?

Hi sharabh, never tried on rectangle and i believe it won’t work on rectangle which i feel is correct if i am not wrong … if you are not adding this rectangle on header then you can use table as rectangle also…!!! r u trying to add this rectangle in header???

Hi Rohit,

How I can use table in the header??..yeah I have tried for rectangle but it didn’t work.

Please check this and let me know if this works??? up to my knowledge it is not possible to put tablix item in header which i tried and was never successful!!!