To continue the process after the occurence of system error in navision 3.7

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One of our client has a requirement to customize this way. we need to continue the process after a system error occurs.
For example, if the length of code variable is ‘2’ and the incoming data is of ‘3’ (or the value assigned to the code variable is of length ‘3’), then the system throws the overflow error and the entire process stops. But we need to customize as such the entire process should not stop, it should continue the process after displaying the system error message. can any one suggest me on how this can be achieved. Kindly provide your suggesstions at the earliest, as this is very urgent.

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I think No…

but why do you want to so it?

even if you can do this, your data will go wrong as you skip them

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Mohana is correct - you cannot “catch” the error but you can write code to check the data for error before processing and handle it youself. So in your example test the length of the import string and if greater than required skip that record and proceed to the next. For automated imports I would normally import to a custom table and process from there, flagging any records with error that the user can correct.

Well, you can “catch” errors, but this is not the type of problem you would need it for. For this take Dave’s advice. Import the value into a variable that can hold enough characters, then compare it to the field in the table and skip it if necessary.

If you have an object in which you do your validations, and an error occurs, that object aborts.

Try to create a codeunit; put your validation-code in the codeunit.
Now you can call as “IF CODEUNIT.RUN(xxxx) THEN …”

If an error occurs, the codeunt aborts and returns to the calling object.
But the “IF” will enable you to catch that an error occurred - and now it is your decision whether the process shall stop or continue.