to clear fields


I’ve tried to clear record fields when i opened the form. How can i accomplish this? I know that it’s not difficult to make this.If I use CLEAR function to do this? But i don’t want to clear table records. I only want to clear form when the user open it.

What do you mean by clear? Are you trying to insert a new record?

I mean that when i select Item No. on the existing form. All the controls (text boxes, check boxes etc.) must be empty. But i’ve selected (changed) Item No on the lookup. Controls are not changed. Yes i am trying to insert a new record. If I use F3 to insert a new record it works. But I don’t want to insert a new record that way.

Huh? What way to do you want to insert it? Is this a custom form? This doesn’t make a lot of sence to me.

Please try to rephrase and let us in on what table you want to insert into, etc.

Thank you i accomplished

Please don’t do this. If you are a partner, then you need to explain to your customer how NAV works, and have them use the systme properly. If you are a customer, contact your partner, and have them teach you the proper way to use Navision.