To blank a line in report

Hi all,

I am designing a report related to payroll with the ‘Employee’ table. In this report I hav values which are displayed from variables. I would rather explain you with a example.

Sort Element Value

1 A 100

2 B 200

3 C -

4 D 400

Here the Element field is a label. The Value field is an individual variable for individual element. Here if a value is not there i.e 0, then I dont want that line to display. Here value of 3 is not there, then the entire line should not get displayed. This can be done with the condition that IF Value = 0 THEN Element = ’ '; But the issue is, in this condition, it leaves the line blank, but I want that row to be skipped which has no value and move to the row which has a value instead of leaving a blank line in the middle. Can anyone help me out with this with what code I have tyo proceed…

Thanks in advance…

Did you try below code in OnpreSection trigger

CurrReport.SHOWOUTPUT := Value <> 0;

No… but in the Value column, each value is a seaparate variable. Do I need to set the condition you said for each variable?

I dont know the logic of your report why you have different variables…

if you have different variables then you need to have different conditions…

what if you have 100 variables? [:#]

ya… thats true… :slight_smile: but the thing is, its fixed… its only 6 variables.