To add Source Name Column in General Ledger Entry

Dear All,

Can anyone suggest me how i can add Source Name column in General Ledger Entry. Source ID and Source Type is there. But i want to see Customer name in Source Name if Source type is Sales and Vendor Name in Source Name if Source type is Purchase.

Kindly tell me how i can add Source Name in General Ledger entry.Its really urgent.

Thanks in advance


Preeti Sarawat

Nothing is Urgent here…

Let us k now what did you try?


1)You need to write code for this by taking filter for source code and checking that source code in customer & vendor on the basis of source type

  1. You can add column in G/L Entry table and set relation on that column .

Dear Amol,

I am still unable to add the Source name column. I have tried the above but was unable. Can you please explain it in brief.

Hi Preeti

You are a end user or Partner…?

If you have developer License You can add columns in GL entry .keep the field id on 50000 series