Tip: Bring back the alphabet bar at the bottom of D365 with the new Power Apps grid control!

I don’t know about you, but I use and love my alphabet bar across the bottom of my D365 system. Once you apply the Power Apps read-only grid control to it, it sadly disappears.

BUT - FEAR NOT! You can bring it back!!

Here’s how:

  • Open the control on the table (entity)

  • In the control details, in the “Power Apps Read-Only Grid Properties” section at the bottom find the Jump Bar

  • By default Jump Bar is disabled. Simply change this to Enable" and voila! Your alphabet will repappear!

You’ll need to repeat the above steps on any table (entity) where you want the alphabet bar (aka “jump bar”) to appear.

NOTE: this is all true for Power Apps (non-CRM) systems as well!

@HeidiNeuhauser - I need to do that with my environments. I haven’t gotten around to that. Thanks for the walk through on how to do that!