Time zone issues in NAV 2009?


A question regarding using the Dynamics NAV 2009 client in a Remote Desktop Services environment. According to the Dynamics NAV 2009 Hosting Whitepaper (dynamicsuser.net/…/147625.aspx)) there are some issues with time zones (as stated on page 31 in the whitepaper).

From what I have found these problems are resolved with SP1, am I right?

Are there/will there be any problems as the users are worldwide and will be set to different time zones on the Remote Desktop Services Hosts using the NAV 2009 client with SP1? Are there any other considerations with time zones using NAV?



Hi Andrew and welcome to the user group,

There have been time zone issues with NAV 2009 and there even are problem with the NAV 2009 SP1 files you can download from Partnersource. You need to get hold of the newest builds from support if you are getting these time zone errors. We had it with one of our clients and installing the latest build fixed it.

Ok, thanks for the quick reply. From what you are saying I can configure my users on the RDS server with different time zones (i.e. redirected time zones using Group Policies) and everything will work fine with the NAV 2009 client? My concerns are that I will need to make special configurations/servers for each time zone but as I understand SP1 should fix the time zone issue, am I right?