Time Match in DAX 2012

Facing an issue in Date showing in dax screen and storing in Database. I have checked timezone and time setting of server and AOT. Both are same but still there is 5:30 hrs difference showing.

Values in database are in UCT. In GUI, the user’s timezone is applied (that’s the most common case, although not the only possible way). You can go to user options and change your timezone there.

Different users can have different timezones, because they can physically be in different timezones.


Timezone for all users are same and same is provided to DB server and Application Servers, but still same


No, the timezone configured in user options has nothing to do with either DB server or AOS servers. Go to AX client, File > Tools > Options and see the Preferred time zone in Miscellaneous group on the General tab.

Yes, I checked same . It is in my current timezone.

We upgraded from 2009 to 2012 R3. Same Configuration is in 2009 i had checked but no issue there.

And what’s your current timezone? If it’s not UTC, then you shouldn’t be surprised that the value in GUI isn’t the same as the UTC value in database.

I got your point. my timezone and utc timezone is 5:30 hrs difference.

But how same configuration in 2009 version is working fine?

Sorry, but I don’t see any problem at all. If your timezone has 5,5 hour difference, it’s exactly what you see in your UI. It’s exactly how it should look like and exactly how it would look like in AX 2009 as well.

But there is not issue 2009

Could you please explain what the “issue” is? What I’ve seen so far is the correct, expected behavior, which even didn’t change between AX 2009 and AX 2012.

You see my first post uploaded with image.

Same information is in 2009 and same preferred timezone is set in 2009 as in 2012

Even 2009 and 2012 dbs are on same server but db value are changed by 5.30 hrs

Yes, but that’s correct. You said that “my timezone and utc timezone is 5:30 hrs difference”, and that’s exactly what your picture shows. The value in database is in UTC and the value in UI using your timezone, and the difference is 5,5 hours. Everything matches perfectly.

I got your point. But surprisingly, same was not happening with 2009

The design of this feature is the same in AX 2009.

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