Three Companies who share Inventory - Navision 4.0

Anyone has an add-on or a mod in Navision 4.0 where you can place a sales order and quickly transfer inventory from other companies so it can be placed on the order? Example: The user is in company A. Should be able to see on-hand and availability in companies B & C. If there is not enough in A, can transfer immediately from B to A, and place on the order.

Hi Ed, We have this setup. Not in 4.00 but in 3.70. We have 14 sales companies connected to our global supply chain (GSC) - made up of 2 (to be expanded to 3-4) global warehouses. Whenever a sales company places an order it’s automatically checking in the GSC inventory and when you release the order it’s automatically transferred from the sales company to the GSC company (where it automatically is going to be reordered in our factory in China - when we get it online next year). The order is then drop shipped same day from the global warehouse to our end customer. But it’s all custom made, build using XML between the companies - so they don’t even have to be in the same database. We had Bruno Johanson of Beck Consulting in SF help us create the first version of this. So please either contact us or him for more information.