This message is for C/AL programmers:

I got this error when migrating tables to excel.

error: This message is for C/AL pgrammers:

the call to member XmlMaps failed. Microsoft Office Excel returned the following message: This methos or property is available only in Microsoft Office 2003 Professional.

I tried to reinstall our ofiice but still got the same error. I even tired to download Xml converter and still failed.

Pls. help me to resolve the issue.



I had the same problem before.

I have not found this described in any documents, but the standard version of Office is not enough for this function! As the messages says, then you need to have MS Office 2003 professional installed.

Hi Ian,

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Thanks for the Help. I really appreciate it.

More power to you!

Hi Erik,

Good Day!

Just a quick a question. Does the version of Office Professional should be on both system Server and Workstation? or in the Server only?



Hi Ian,

You only need on the workstation/client.


Microsoft only introduced XML markup compatibility in the 2003 version and only put it into the professional version.