Third party report integration


I am using open source reporting tool JASPER and I want to use it for AX. Does any one can help me out how to integrate this report with AX 2012 R2/R3? How can I attached this report with AX menu items (in a case of integration).


Vikas Srivastava

Running it from a DEV(ALL-IN-One BOX) is easier, but understanding different architectures of AX in PROD is important. You have to take them into consideration while designing. Many Networking/RDP concepts along Jasper software installations come into play.

In a DEV you can run any BAT or EXE through a Job

Try to wrap your report like the below and execute the above job
run ./myReport.jasper --myParam1 “abcdef” --myParam2 123 --outputFormat “PDF” --outputFile “/tmp/fred.pdf”

But no one can give you a complete solution, you have to think on your own and figure out when you are going out of the box and implementing new solutions and 3 rd party integrations.

Thanks Venkat… I will try it out.