There's a possibility to create weighbridge in dynamics AX ?

I want to create a module named weighbridge, the operating principle of this module is based on two axes,
control of weight and display of information, so I have two type of ticket document, a document entered and output.
There’s a document expiditor on the standard, like the one on Navision?

thnx for your help

I don’t really understand the question, therefore I don’t know whether it belongs to the end user forum or the developer forum, but the technical forum looks wrong.

Also, you attached the tag AX 2009 2012, which doesn’t make clear which version of AX you’re talking about.

What i need , is to create a module wieghdbridge , i would know if ax 2012 R3 CU9 ,has a document expeditor like Navision , a document that i can rely to him for output and input type .