There is not enough memory to execute this function.

Hello together,

I keep on getting this error on various actions. (i.e. deleting a bunch of Sales Headers, running batch jobs and similar.)

The only solution I have so far is to restart the Navision SQL Client (running on SQL2005).

The machine has 2GB of RAM and around 700MB are free - so the suggestion to optimize the operating system or reduce the cache when running in a single user environment (Single User when running on SQL ?) does not really make any sense in this situation.

Anybody with a similar problem and a solution?

By the way, there is no endless recursion involved in the code being executed.

best regards


I think the problem in Navision client himself and not in SO. Navision in some long operations detects and a infinite loop. I never could understood in 100% in which cases.

Thanks Nuno, but I think I found the real reason in the meantime.

In fact it seems that the “Caching” option (Record Set) in the “Advanced” tab of the “Alter Database” form.

The default value is set to 500, I changed it apparantly at some time to 50000 because we have very large number of records in some tables (several millions).

When I changed it back to 5000 the error did not come up anymore (at least until now).

Thanks for you effort anyway.