there is insufficient memory (stack) to execute...

Dear All, I find these words in the pop up message when I want to refresh a firm planned production order consists of 2 lines, one is parent item and the other is subassembly. “there is insufficient memory (stack) to execute this function. This can be due to the way that recursive function calls are used in the program. Contact your system manager if you need assistance.” How to solve that ? Rgds, Mark

This message is raised when a recursive call goes too deep. Whenever you call a function, the point in the program where the system has to jump back to is put on a stack. So with each call to any function you increase the number of pointers in that stack. At one point, the size of the stack is exceeded when too many functions are called. This mainly happens, with recursive calls so as an example : Parent Item A refers to subassembly item B which refers to subassembly Item A. mainly check your setup !

Dear Thomas, Tks for your reply. I’ve tried to check it and repair it. It works good. I don’t know if it will happen in the next time, do you know how to avoid it ? Rgds, Mark

There is no “DEFAULT” way of preventing this. This also happens to me sometimes. But in my case this is mainly a program error (bug) which I produced myself.