The Supplied Field name '16495' cannot be found in the 'Gen.Journal Line' table

Hi All,

Few months back MS has release the patch for service tax reverse mechniasm for indian localiztion , i have upload the same pacth and here my patch is working in my testdatabse where am using the developer license , now the same patch when iam upolading the clinet license its reflect me error while posting sales order or purchase order its reflect the below error.

The Supplied Field name ‘16495’ cannot be found in the ‘Gen.Journal Line’ table

when i check this feild 16495 (This feild is GTA Feild) which MS has remove in this patch and my client is also not using this feild any one has idea why sytem shows this error while posting

Thanks in advance.


Did you compile all objects after removing the field?

Check whether it is used in coding

Hi Mohana ,

Thanks for the reply , i have compile the object than and find out that , the error is coming form CodeUnit 12 , and code line is

CustLedgEntry.PoT := PoT; //here my code is break.

Now when i use my developer lic, this error did nor occur, but when am using the client lic this error occur,

the same case with the purchase also , when am using the client lic while calculating the statistics iam getting this error.

“you do not have permission to read the service tax rev. charge table contact your sysytem administrator”

the user has super rights, now when am using the developer lic , than system allow me to calculate tax.

NAV 2009 SP 1, Business Essentials (BE)



I hope you have applied all the patches released prior to this reverse charge service tax patch .

Hi Amol,

The same patch is working in test database where iam using developer lic, but when i upload the same patch in live database where cutomer lic its not working and throwing the error,

the client have BE module ,NAV 2009 and purchase in year 2010,

so after this they did not update the cutomer lic, now if i upload the patch its not working and throwing the error.

which i have mention.



Just a thought … I’ve seen this kind of error before. Take a look to see whether any of the companies in the database have data in the problem table (looks like service tax rev. charge). If the table has data, and it doesn’t look like it’s related to real production data, you might consider rolling the data out to Excel or text and then deleting it.

Of course, you’ll want to test this theory on a test copy of the database. Don’t do it in the production system. And you’ll want to delete the data in this table for all of the companies in the test database, not just one.

Once you’ve deleted the data with the developer license, re-test your posting process with the client license.

None of this addresses the original issue of your Field Not Found error. That’s likely the case where you got an updated version of t_81 as part of the patch, but didn’t update the affected codeunits.

Hope that helps.

Thanks for the reply,

There is no data aviliable in particular table (Srv. Tax Reverse Chrg. Setup ) now when i use the cutomer lic , it did not allow me to calculate the stasticts its throwing me error (you don’t have permission to read this table Srv. Tax Reverse Chrg. Setup) where my user has super rights and i have also synchronize the rights beside this it throwing me error and when am using the developer lic its not throwing any error. its simly working.

any particulr reson for this.




Try the same operation using your development license and your problem user’s login. If you still get the error, then the issue may be related to the user’s credentials in SQL (as opposed to NAV permissions.) If you don’t get the error, then the issue is possibly with the client’s NAV license. In that case, I’d request a fresh license from Microsoft before doing any other testing on the issue. And you mentioned that you have two databases - test and live; you might run this test in your test database first before trying the live database. And remember to use the CHANGE option when loading the development license instead of Upload or Import. That way you’re only changing the license for that one session. You run the test on both databases because the problem user might actually have different SQL credentials for each database.

And, just for clarity, which problem are we trying to address? Re-reading the thread, you started out with an issue related to a missing field definition in Gen. Journal Line (field 16495), but your latest posts deal with a runtime error related to permissions. Are both of these issues still a problem, or just the permissions issue?

Hi Shaliesh,

Did you ever find a solution to this problem? If yes, would you mind sharing it with us?