The Power of Three

Propelling Dynamics Engagement Into the Future

Following the success of DynamicsCon, Dynamics User Group (DUG) is thrilled to announce that Rich Beliveau, Liz Hallen, and Molly Fuchsel will be leading the charge for our rapidly growing community. “The Power of Three” will continue to build valuable, free content through virtual learning and member connection opportunities.

You may recognize Rich, Liz, and Molly from the Microsoft user group community. Working alongside dedicated volunteers, “The Power of Three” will deploy their unique superpowers to further the DUG mission of offering fresh content, extended training, local gatherings, and a simple forum to connect with fellow product users – all at no cost!

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What Does Community Mean to “The Power of Three”?

Rich: “A diverse group of individuals contributing and sharing their expertise and differing opinions to promote fellowship and enhance professional skills for all.”

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Liz: “Community is a group of people who whole heartedly believe in helping others and do so by coming together to lift each other up in many different ways. A true community welcomes you with open arms, promotes each other skills and talents, and always has your back!”

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Molly: “Community is connection. It is where you share experiences, ask and answer questions, and collectively work together towards a common good. A space where we can make new relationships and be social! The stronger the community, the more accomplished goals.”

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Written by Wonder Woman, Annemarie Allain