"The parameter is incorrect" message


I was trying to save PO reports as pdf files in my system, when this message appears “The parameter is incorrect”. what does that mean? How can i solve this issue?

Hi Deepthi,

When u click report menu item a report dialog open , some parameter is there ,give some value to it and check .


Rajkumar Verma

Can you add some more detials here? like what you are doing and when exactly you are getting the error.

I click the ‘purchase order’ menu item and select one purchase order. When i click OK the report appears on screen.

I go to printer options > file> specify the file name and file type(pdf). Here when i click OK then the message “The parameter is incorrect” appears.

I can save the report in all other formats other than in PDF format.

Hi Deepthi,

We had a similar issue in the check printing.

The workaound was that before printing, on the report dialog box, select screen in the printer destination and click on OK.

After that, rerun the report and change the print setup again and select printer and printer name. That way report was getting generated in the pdf format.

For reference, we were facing issue in check printing in AX 2012 on cutepdf writer.