The Object Metadata does not exist. Identification fields and values: Object Type='Page',Object ID='50002'

Hi everybody,

I’ve got the problem related to running RTC, hope you can help.

I have creted one Page no 50002 in Classic Client but when i m going torun this from task bar → Run i am facing the follwing error message.

I have installed NAV 2009 with developer environment. I am select demo database (default) to be run on RTC,

Now classic client works smoothly, but when i run Page i get the folowing error:
The Object Metadata does not exist. Identification fields and values: Object Type=‘Page’,Object ID=‘50002’

I have also reinstall Nav.

I have refer the

No metadata in Table 2000000071

What is the way to create this metadata? (Sory if it is a sily question, this is the first time I have to deal with it )

Thanks in advance
Kishor Bhatt


you don’t need to do anything special for MetaData to be created.

In fact with only create/compile objects, the MedaData is created in Table 2000000071 “Object Metadata”.

If this doesn’t happen, probably the installation is wrong.

Follow all the steps in the installation guide and try again. (Also the advices in mibuso are helpful, I think)


Hi again!,

I just realized about 1 detail…

Are you working with your database with “Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 Classic with Microsoft SQL Server”?? or only Classic??

If you are using the Classic Client, without SQL server, then it’s normal what it happening to you, because only the changes done in the Database linked to the Server are reflected in RTC. It doesn’t matter if you create Pages in the Classic Client without SQL, because those won’t be in your RTC ever.

Then, as those Pages are not real for RTC (as they were not created in the Database linked to a Server…by using Classic Client with SQL…), no MetaData is created, and your Table “Object Metadata” will be always empty.

To make your changes and be reflected in RTC…just open the “Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 Classic with Microsoft SQL Server”, and work in that Database, which is the starting point for RTC to be updated.

I hope this helps friend!,

Hi Vanessa,

Thanks for your sugession.

Previosly i was work in only Classic Client now with SQL server i can able to run the Page and i can’t face any error.

Thanks again and spending your valueable time for this.

Kishor Bhatt