The "new" DUG is live!

Dear member,

Yes we are live. To be fair, then I actually opened up the site for login yesterday afternoon, approx. 26 hours after I took it offline. I also posted a “preview” message on Twitter.

The next couple of weeks it will be like when moving into a new house for all of us. It’s like you used to have one big room where all your family lived together. Now you have your own room, where you all your own things are. You just need a bit time, before you know exactly where all things are. Same here on DUG. We used to be one big family living in a big and often crowded house. AX, NAV, CRM and GP together. Now we still live in the same house, but we have each gotten our own floor.

Each product in its own user group

The first thing you notice is that look of our website and a lot of the individual functions have changed. Web design wise we are jumping from 2006-8 to 2016, with a fully responsive design (self adjusts to different device sizes). The social media has surely made its mark on how a lot of things are designed.

The biggest change is that we now have individual user groups for each of the Microsoft Dynamics products. Forums, blogs and other content will in the future be organized under the user group for the product their are about, instead of being grouped by content type (blog, forum, files, wiki).

Right now each group looks more or less the same. But you are surely going to see much more activity and therefor also more content in the AX and NAV user groups. But then its really up to you, the members, to make the user groups into what you want. Do you want more content and have a good idea? Talk to the moderators (group managers) or me. Or simply post it as an idea in the new “Suggestions Board”.

Much more to come

The suggestions board is using the “Ideation function” of the website (Telligent Community), which is one of the many new features. Some of them will be introduced over the next weeks. Others are already online.

But what do you think? Do you like? Something from the old site you cannot find?

It looks nice and good job …

Hi Amol,
Happy you like it. Although it mean you need to update your signature. It’s not longer “verify solution” but “this helped me”! :slight_smile:
And did you notice the “inline” smilies? You don’t need the brackets anymore to say smile! :smiley:

Love the new design, Erik. Hopefully it’ll help get the users engaged and bring that “group” aspect back to the community!

Thank you Jake.
At least now there is no excuse anymore. We can shape this community exactly in the direction our members want.
Let’s hear ideas. :slight_smile:

We are live, but it’s still a bit bumpy drive. Just had a major database problem, where I needed to get external help.