The length of the text string exceeds the size of

Hi I’m working on integration between Attain 301B and Outlook and have come across the mentioned error. The statements are as follows UserFolder := OlNameSpace.GetSharedDefaultFolder(OlRecipient,9); OutlookCalender := OlNameSpace.GetItemFromID (UpdatedAppointment.EntryID,UserFolder.StoreID); When I try to reach the AppointmentItem i get the error. //Best regards Tommy

Do a search in these forums for the error string. And you will be guided to a solution.

Hi Soren Thanks for your reply - I have already found the solution in the forum, but I havent had the time to test it before this morning. For your information MBS Denmark is still searching for a solution, and the got the request 2 days before this forum. //Tommy

With all the 3.01 problems that exist, and the amoun t of work in reinventing your own new wheel, it may make more sense to spend the time fruitfully on a 3.60 upgrade.