the inventory quantity to match for packing slip cannot be reserved

Hi, when I go to voucher an invoice, i find that the packing slip is not available for me to choose, even though there is one that was created. For this Purchase order when i go to select a packing slip, the grid is empty. When i click on the ALL tab, and find the packing slip, and check to have it included, but then i get the error: “the inventory quantity to match for packing slip X item Y cannot be reserved” This happens maybe a couple times per month.

Whats worng?

THANKS!!! :slight_smile:

This error shows even to me for period of time then i searched a lot and read the below post


By this post, i somehow came to conclusion that there are some packing slip blocked in the system when aos server is restarted or stopped. So, the PURCHPARMSUBLINE table have packing slips which should be cleard and later it works. Initially delete the packing slip which is giving error from the purchparmsubline table and then try invoicing. Hope it works.

I looked into the PURCHPARMSUBLINE table and only fields i saw there are:

  • ParmID
  • LineRefRecId
  • JournalRefTableId
  • JournalRefRecId
  • ReceiveNow
  • InventNow
  • DocumentId

How do i find PO or Packing Slip in question?


Use the below query to get all the packing slips from PurchParmSubLine Table.

select * from [PURCHPARMSUBLINE]
where documentid in (select packingslipid from vendpackingslipjour)