the indicator of follow-up 4616

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We’ve installed SQL SERVER 2005. This instalation looks like ok but when I try to conect to the server with finsql.exe the system shows the following message:

The indicator of follow-up 4616 is not established in the server. You must establish this indicator and restart the server before connecting using Microsoft Dynamics NAV

However, this indicator is installed in the server.

Does anybody understand what are happening?.



With MS Dynamics NAV 5.00 the Trace Flag 4616 needs to be activated:

To activate the Trace Flag, you have to add the /T4616 to the Startup -Parameter of the SQL Server (recommended), or you could enable it using the command DBCC TRACEON (4616, -1), e.g. executed via an auto-start SQL Server Agent job …

To check if the flag is set use DBCC TRACESTATUS (-1)

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I noticed just recently that when you install NAV 5.00 its sets the flag in the startup paramaters of SQL on that machine, BUT you need to restart SQL for it to take effect.

So, free cheese has ended [:D]

With this Trace Flag 4616 off, unlimited number of users could connect… doesn`t matter how many of them in license.

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We’ve installed the trace flag 4616 as start up in SQL SERVER 2005, but Dynamics NAV follows showing the same error.

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You have to restart the SQL Server service for it to take effect.

hi DenSter,

when we re-start SQL SERVER, Dynamics NAV doesnt work and we dont the reason.

Thanks in advance.