the form contains an invalid data source

Initially created a form and added two tables in data source of the form .When i compile the form there is no errors but while working with the particular form, a infolog appears stating “the form contains an invalid data source”.Can Anyone figure me out the solution for this problem.

Hello Sanshe,

if error is coming for specific user?
at what point your are getting error?

please check if
your datarouces having correct table names
try to debug if any customization is creating issue or what

I dont know at which point but the form doesn’t contain any compilation errors.Yeah its coming for specific user only.Is there any server synchronizing problem ?
Datasources contains appropriate tables only.

Hello Sanshe,

please clear usage data and try

I have cleared my usage data but the error is still popping up.Is there any alternative way to resolve this error?

hi ,
did u given relation for child datasource to parent datasource ,link type properites

yeah i have given an inner join relationship between child and parent datasource.

when error is pop up? at the timw when you try to open form?

For reference, the same question is discussed on another forum. The user name is different, but the IP address is the same, so it’s likely the same user.

He was more specific there, saying that the exact message is "The form contains an invalid datasource: ‘DataSource1’.

We asked a few questions there and are waiting for answers.

Hey guys this helped me a lot.Refer to this link.…/how-to-delete-auc-files