the following sql command was unexpected invalid object name .dbo.dbname$change log setup' statement could not be prepared

the following sql command was unexpected invalid object name .dbo.dbname$change log setup’ statement could not be prepared

Cool, We love it :wink: But when, where and why… and what seems to be the problem?

I have created new database and import all the object(Page,table,codeunit,xmlport etc) in development environment then also sync schema for all tables, but when i open nav app this type of error is showing. first i am getting pop up there is no company so i inserted it through sql query. now after selecting company this type pop-up has been occurred. tried many solution but no luck.

Errors like this means that you are doing something wrong in your installation process. And you should never create your company using a SQL Query due to the way that companies are stored in SQL.

What version of NAV and what have you done exactly.
My approach would probably be different that yours. I would restore a demo company backup to see that everything works and then start from there.

[mention:74275055534c437ab13054c27a1ed5fb:e9ed411860ed4f2ba0265705b8793d05] i am using dynamics nav-2016. i have installed server,client,administrator and other required package in windows 10. demo database of cronus is working fine for me. but i just wanna try new things, suppose i have old database which one i want to restore in different location. i took backup and try to restore there.

for example:

i have already running one live company there is lots of posted data, i want that data backup as well as customized pages and create new application server in different location. i have license file too for development objects environment.

If you want a restore of a backup in a new database then use powershell to restore a backup into a new database. NEVER insert ANYTHING exect users directly in a SQL-database - in most cases you will break a working database or never get a new database up and running.

[mention:74275055534c437ab13054c27a1ed5fb:e9ed411860ed4f2ba0265705b8793d05] dear can u plz elaborate process for me… I dont know powershell usage… Also plz show me how to debug new customized page in nav. I hve two database one of demo which is working second one is my real backup which one i want to restore.

Step by step guide:

Or using powershell:

You should really not do stuff like this if you do not have gotten any training. Things like this does not come for free

[mention:74275055534c437ab13054c27a1ed5fb:e9ed411860ed4f2ba0265705b8793d05]i know your mentioned step very well. but my concern is how to get that restored data in nav. ?? for ex. i have ABC database in my live server. i took backup and want to restore it on different company. suppose i have restored it with name of ABC1, now i am going to microsoft dynamics nav development object and want to connect or add that data base but not able to connect. i have also created new nav instance from mmc for this restored database.

Maybe its because english is not our native language for the both of us I am not quite understanding your comment.

If you make a backup of a NAV database (that contains objects and data) Name of the database is ABC and you restore it to ABC1 then ofcourse the same database contains objects and data.

With SQL Management studio you add the necessary permissions so when you start you Development Client you can say File, Database, Open and change the database name from ABC to ABC1.

In order to use that database then you have to start you NAV 201X Administration where you add an new instance, That instance has a databas which is probably ABC - You change that to ABC1 change the portnumbers 704X to 705X and start the service.

And then it all works.

This is VERY basic Installation and Configuration steps for Dynamics NAV. If these steps are not clear for you, then you need some basic instructor training or you need to log onto born to learn and watch the training videos…

Thanks for the support this is not basic part i was already followed that step.

anyway my problem is solved through powershell. you can refer below link which is good for understand.

You never mentioned that you wanted a clean database just that you wanted to restore a backup.

Nevertheless doing a proper SQL backup and Restore is something that really is basic for a consultant.

Glad that you found a solution.