The filter string contains invalid parameters.

I’m trying to test out the link to report feature that is mentioned on under the posting.

I have the example code:


which I am trying to test in a browser using:


as my URL. Just to check to see if it is all working correctly.

When I try this I get the error message “The filter string contains invalid parameters.”

I am trying this out on the NAV 2009 SP1 Virtual PC image that is available from PartnerSource.

If I use the URL:

DynamicsNAV:////runreport?Report=104&Filter=Customer.Name:The Cannon Group Ltd.

it works and shows the report for the correct customer.

Does anyone have any idea why this might be not working?

Interestingly, I tried putting the =“DynamicsNAV:////runreport?Report=104&Filter=Customer.%22No.%22:”+Fields!Customer__No__.Value in my Navigation, Jump to URL property for the field and it works!

If I put the =“DynamicsNAV:////runreport?Report=104&Filter=Customer.%22No.%22:”+Fields!Customer__No__.Value as an expression in another field, the field value is: DynamicsNAV:////runreport?Report=104&Filter=Customer.%22No.%22:10000 which is exactly what I typed into the browser, yet if I copy this and paste it into a browser window it still does not work.

I’m wondering whether the RDLC viewer is interpreting the hyperlink differently to the dynamicsnav:// protocol handler.

Rene, you got any ideas on this? I guess it doesn’t matter since I have the example working, but it would be good to know why it doesn’t work from the browser.