The Download Database A Succes

Dear friends, Our download database has only been online for a little more than a month. But already it’s one of the most used resources here on this website. So far 21 “downloads” has been submitted (or converted from the old "Download Forum). But many more are welcome. So if you have something you would like to share. I could be basically anything that would help other users/developers. I.e. a report, a smart form, your internal Navision user guide or other “how-to’s”, it could be other free/shareware systems that works with Navision, just always remember not to submit anything that you’re not allowed to. Commercial demos and trial copies are also welcome - please just write the conditions of the demo/trial (how long it works etc.). If you would like to submit files bigger than the maximum you can upload of 1MB, then you can simply submit a link to the download. Please notice that you can only upload ZIP and FOB files. If you have files in any other format, then please zip them first. If you don’t have a program for this, then you can download a evaluation copy from the download database. Currently it’s not possible to modify your own submitted resources, but this will be changed during the coming months. Best regards, Erik P. Ernst, webmaster Navision Online User Group