The Contact Does not exist, Identification fields and values.......

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I am new in NAV as a functional consultant and I am using NAV2013, when I tried to print a order confirmation for a service order I am getting an error “The contact does not exist, Identification fields and values, No:CO000243”. When I check for the contact list I cannot see this value: CO000243. My I ask an help on how I can check this CO000243 and get rid of it.

PS. I do not have the Development Tool.




In my my view your No. field is primary key of your table and this contact is not present in it.
You have to create that contact in the table again if not present there. Please provide more details about the table in which your record is finding the contact.

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However CO000243 is not the real contact No for that customer, there is available contact for the customer. I am puzzled on where does the system getting this contact since when I check it in the contact list it is not present there.Is there anything that I can use to check where is this contact CO000243 located? I do not have the Dev. Tool.

I’m sure the contact existed at some point and was assigned to the service order. Then somebody deleted the contact and now the service order refer to a non existing contact.
You simply need to find the contact no somewhere on the service order and replace it with an existing contact no.

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I already created new contact and it works. Thanks a lot.

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Happy that you found the solution. Please help us by telling what was the problem and solution. And if any of the replies helped you, then please click on the “This helped me”. This other members with the same issue can easier find out what to do. Thank you.

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Noted on this.
The problem is there is a existing contact for the customer but then it was not the real contact no. the system is getting, so I renamed the existing contact no. to the contact no. the system is looking, it may find in the error. Then when I try to to print again it is now okay.