The concept of positive days

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Does any one know the concept of positive days in coverage setup master planning.

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It is how far in the future you want AX to consider current stock.

So if you had 10 on hand and needed 1 the suggestion can change based upon positive days.

So you have 10, positive days are 20 and the requirements is 7 days from today - there is no suggested planned order as inventory covers requirement.

Now you still have 10 and the positive days are still 20 and the requirement is 30 days from today - it will suggest a planned order of 1 (or whatever based on order modifiers). It suggests 1 as your 10 in stock are only considered for the next 20 days, it is expected that the stock will be consumed by closer time frame orders that will come in. Of course the initial coverage time fence has to be 30 days to see the demand.

I would advise at commencement that you set the positive and negative days to the same lead time as the coverage to ensure you get action messages rather than new order suggestions.

Requirement for an issue is covered by a planned receipt for the period set in the positive days .Positive days are known as shelf life of an item.

As you see in the manual , it is clearly defined as " Should master scheduling generate a new planned purchase order to cover the requirement, or do you accept that the order is fulfilled from the current inventory? ".This question is determined by Positive days.

And one more note from the manual ;"If you use automatic reservation when you create sales orders, or manual reservation later, Positive days are not considered in master scheduling. "

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Just to share something I prepare to clarify these two concepts (positive and negative days)

Hi Rudy,

Positive days allows master scheduling to plan for excess inventory to minimize the number of planned orders. positive days should not be more than MAX 2 times inventory turnover rate. Master scheduling is really a dynamic task. The resulting plan can only be as good as the configuration allows.