The Chicken Farm

Hello, Somebody knows about any solution in the poultry sector… Thanks for your help

Since this is the Open Subject forum: A solution to what problem? [;)]

literally, a poultry reply! Without more input I suppose they’ll have to wing it. There I will leave it feel free to add more, but please don’t make me feel hen-pecked. Is it friday already?[:D]

Not for you Steven. You get another Monday tacked on just for that reply! [;)]

I tried to SHELL out for more information but everything came through scrambled. Sorry, it was just a little yolk.[:I]

Eggs-actly, it leaves my brain fried and a fowl taste in my mouth![:D]

You guys are fowl!

…or perhaps a bunch of turkeys! Come on participants! Somebody must have had some experience with poultry besides eating it. Help them out… And don’t give up your day jobs, either.

You can check I am not sure if that solution is for the poultry sector but atleast its regarding meat business. Regards Daniel

Thanks for keeping us abreast of matters Daniel. [:D]

It’s Axapta, not Navision but it is a poultry application… (from the Navision a/s web site): Guldfågeln Finds New Opportunities with Navision Axapta Continuous follow up and financial control is the basis of good future results for the expansive manufacturer of frozen poultry. Guldfågeln has 175 employees and in 1999, the turnover reached 270 million Swedish Kroner. Guldfågeln belongs to the enterprise group Blenta AB, which also includes Ingelsta Kalkon (a turkey manufacturer) with over a hundred employees. On a yearly basis, Guldfågeln produces nine million chickens or chicken products. The constant upgrading of products in order to adjust them to the demands of modern customers plays an increasingly important role. Guldfågeln needed an ERP system that allowed rapid adjustments according to market demands and chose Navision Axapta. Also a possibility is Computer Associates, Inc. in the US. They are a Navision NSC and have a Meat and Poultry vertical. I do not know if the two products are integrated. But you should ask them. They are at on the web. Another possible contact from a trade press article about MBS: Bart Snel, head of IT at Jansen Poultry Equipment BV in Barneveld, Netherlands. The 53-person company sells equipment to the poultry world and uses Navision Manufacturing. You should definately check out NaviMeat, a vertical application for the meat processing industries. See

It is “Dairy Process” and not “Poultry”. Is there a difference between : “Chickedn” & “Cow” “eggs” and “milk”?[;)] Check out? Maybe of some use: Dairy Vertical For Dairy Process Industry Developed by: MASIBUS - SOFTWARE India

Hi Carlos, We have successfully implemented process manufacturing solution for an poultry industry. It is a bit complicated and confusing at times. The version we implemented was 2.6E. Let me know more what exactly you are looking for? Regards, Srini