The Application Object Server is unavailable [AX 2012]

Hi! I am a beginner in MSDAX 2012.

I am currently facing this kind of error “The Application Object Server is unavailable. Check your configuration and network connection and try again” in the clients’ workstations. I know this has something to do with the AOS service, but the service is already running. Additionally, I checked the configuration and I believe that I have configured it right.

What else do I need to do to determine the cause and to fix this matter?

Thanks in advance.

There may be many reasons why you can’t connect to AOS. Incorrect configuration is the most common case, but also the connection may be blocked by a firewall, for example.

If you export the configuration and use it from the machine where AOS is installed, does it work?

I haven’t tried exporting the configuration. I will try it.

Actually, Last week, I used shared configuration to the client and the AX Application ran just fine. But yesterday, when a user tried to open the application, the error appeared. I tried to refresh the configuration and even created a new one with the same port number but nothing happened.

Regarding connection, the firewall is already disabled.

Thanks for your input by the way.

is it coming suddenly? mean to say did it work properly before?

use run as admin see if it works or not

Dear Martin and Kunal,

The Error has been resolved at this moment. Changing the DNS server address and restarting the AOS simply do the trick.

Thanks for your concerns, I appreciate those.