The active fields in a record may not take up more

Hi, Trying to add another field to the Sales Header, now getting the following error: The active fields in a record may not take up more than 4000 bytes. The active fields in the Sales Header table take up 4052 bytes. You must reduce either then number or the lenth of the active fields. Anoybody know what is going on here?, this will be a serious problem if we cannot add any additional fields to the table without de-activating or reducing existing fields. Version is 3.70A Meint

What do you mean going on? The error says it all, not more than 4000 bytes/record If you want to add more fields you’ll have to create a new table and connect this to the old table. Similar to the dimension thing.

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Meint, similar to SQL, the size a one record in Navision is limited to 4000byte (as explained in the mibuso link… I saw that one too late). Coming across that issue I usually deactivated fields in the sales header that the customer didn’t use, e.g. intrastat, Contact Names, Jobs (if you don’t use it…) and managed to get down to the required size. In your case, you’ll have to “cut” 52 characters in lenght in text and code fields… Saludos Nils

Meint, you also need to look at why you need such a big record. When Navision increase the size to 4000 it was necessary, since the bas app used almost 2000. I would expect that instead of having too many fields, then probably you have fields that are to big. What large fields have you added to the Sales Header. More importantly also you should not increase the length of standard fields.