Text-to-speech : making Nav Speak out

Navision can use the default text-to-speech capabilities that come inbulid into the latest windows operating systems starting Windows XP. Make you form speak out the error or warning message, or give you user voice instructions to use your custom modules. Here’s how Its Done

The link is no longer valid???

Anyone else know how to implement text to speech in NAV Classic? say for example I want a message prompt to appear and the message to be read out by the client.


You can look at this link


Its a very simple application.

Create an automation of ‘Microsoft Speech Object Library’.SpVoice with the name say… “TTS”. Then following is the code

Create(TTS); //to initialize the variable

TTS.Speak(‘Hello’); //to have it speak anything

clear(TTS); when you are done.

I forgot about this one [:D]

I got it to work eventually, it is good., thanks…