Text reversed on PO and other Documents (Arabic)


Thanks in advance for help

Sometimes I have these details in Arabic:

  • Vendor Name
  • Customer Name
  • Item Description
  • Item Ext. Text
  • Comments

and entering this info not an issue; but when we print the Document: PO, SO & etc. the text become reversed like that:

instead of ABC it becomes CBA

in Arabic:

The Correnct text is:

محمود الجندى

But the system print:

الجندى محمود

Now how to solve that, is it a matter of Right-to-Left like MS word or what?




Not sure if there is any good Arabia language module for NAV out there but I have tried what you mentioned to replicate the issue. I copied the correct text محمود الجندى as pasted as the customer name, raised an invoice and on the print i see correct محمود الجندى.

Thanks Mr [mention:404c8136e95b4dd196432e94423230e8:e9ed411860ed4f2ba0265705b8793d05] I am testing on Business Central cloud.

Did you tried to print the document before posting?

Did you tried with the document lines? And extended text?

What’s the setting you have here?

Still BC not released in Saudi Arabia yet

looks ok to me. Try to copy and paste the arabic text in BC from the source if you have a source in word file or online without typing it and see what happends

I am using UK version but that does not matter as I do not have any arabic setting. The arabic text comes all fine in NAV and BC I can confirm that.

What I did as I do not have arabic keyboard, I have copied and pasted arabic text and on the reports the text appears in the right order. Thanks