Texas sales tax calculation

We have a sales prospect that says, in Texas, they calculate sales tax based on where the goods are shipped FROM, not shipped to. So, if they are in Texas and doing a sales invoice to a customer in FL, they need to calculate sales tax for Texas, not Florida. Standard Navision (and any normal state) would calculate the sales tax for Florida.

Does anyone know if this whole scenario is actually true? I’m assuming there are Navision users in Texas. How do the Partners there, deal with this?



We have a sales prospect in Texas that says in Texas, they calculate sales tax based on the Ship FROM location as opposed to the Ship To. So, if they are shipping goods to a customer in FL, they have to calculate sales tax for Texas. Does anyone know how you can do this in Navision? Or, if this is even true? This is for the sales side of Navision, not purchasing


The first reaction is to say that your client is going mad. BUT its not the first time I have heard this, and some states do it. So YES ITS TRUE. (Though I have never heard of it in Texas).

I met with CCH last week, and definitely they know of states that do have this requirement. Though its normally related to movements of goods from one county to another in the same state. We have implemented a few CCH systems, and are planning a project together with them to get Sales Tax working properly in NAV. If you are interested, let me know (reply to this post) and I will keep you informed of our progress. In fact your bigger issue in this case is going to be returns. If the project goes well we will release this in conjunction with them as a NAV Add-On.