Test Script in Navision

Hi, I am new to Navision Programming. Can any one tell me how to write TEST SCRIPTS for Navision. Is there any testing tool available for Navision.

As far I know there no test automation tool which have been made specifically for Navision.

However there are third party tools which can do the job :

Macro Scheduler comes to mind (I have not used it, but I’ve heard that it’s an awesome product)



There’s a tool called Benchmark Toolkit, which you can use to somewhat automate tasks and use it for volume testing. It should be on the tools CD, including user material.

+1 For Denster

I have not yet checked the Benchmark Toolkit, does it allows you to perform the load testing via the User Interface (record key stroke, mouse movement) and then check the impact on performance ?

It doesn’t record keystrokes. I’m not 100% sure how it works, it comes with set up capabilities inside a NAV client. I’ve seen it run once years ago and it is REALLY cool and very useful for load testing, and simulating meaningful transaction volumes. Take a look at the user manual on the tools cd. I’ll be checking it out soon for a presentation, and if I end up using it, I’ll follow up about it.

Dear Tarek,

So, how to perform QA measures in Navision.

That means we can not perform any QA testing ?? Do you mean to say that only way to perform QA is using each and every form by putting dummie data in it and to check the output ?

I don’t think the absence of an automated tool excludes the ability to perform that task. You can do Q&A testing without automated tools, it’s just more manual work.

Just an aside – in an ERP implementation, a “test script” usually doesn’t have anything to do with an automated testing tool. In general, it refers to a series of instructions (like a script in a play) that someone would follow to do a task.

I think that the load testing is the main thing, rather than checking permutations of code logic. I ran it at a large Manufacturing + Substantial Telesale’s site in the UK which had remote users. Was useful on seeing how the system (Code + Hardware (links, SAN) + Server (SQL)) performed under load. However it will let you know if its finds a bug in the code. T

Hi Girish,

Can you please provide me with some samples if you have.

Thank you and warm regards.