Terms of Payment

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Can anyone suggest me how can i make the Terms of Payment field on the customer creation mandatory and with the specific value. For mandatory we can change from the table properties but with the specific value how can v do, is there any parameter that we can set and whenever we create the customer by default that value came.


Terms of Payment can be defined at customer level and it will be defaulted on Transaction at creation stage.

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What exactly i want is when i create the customer, by default TOP will assigned to it, can we make it like that. Because what the user are doing when they create the customer, they skip the TOP and at last my aging report is wrong. So whenever the user create the customer the default TOP will be populated, that may be define somewhere in parameter so else where.

can we do that in the standard functionality of AX

I recommend that you create customer templates and when your users want to create a new customer, they can apply the template.

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Define it at the customer group level.

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@Kranti: Customer group level mean how can i do that.

Please check Customer Group Form, it has Terms of Payment field and if defined here it will be defaulted at the time of Customer Creation.

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