Terminal server

Our prospective customer wants to use Navision as world wide system. In order to support sevral languages, do we need to sevral terminal servers? Each country has own business custome,regulation,requirement. Some people say, we do have sevral terminal server to cover those differences and languages. But,some people say, we need only one server to do business in many countries. Of course,we have to think about number of concurrent uses. Could you tell me how do you implement Navision for World Wide user who uses sevral languages? Your cooperation would be highly appreciated.

Hi the language is no problem in one database - you can swtich it in the menu tools\language\ if you want all regulation in one database for every customer form each contry (we have that :slight_smile: one database for Austria, Germany, Slovenia, Czch, dutch) you must progam the contry-version company-specific kind regards

hello Have you informed your self about BizTalk. Then you have in every country there one navision and database but you can send orders to each other. We have done this by using just 1 biztalk server. This server contects all the databases and send over the orders. good luck

Hi Juergen I think the problem of takamasa is not simply the switching of the language within Navision. Yes ofcourse you can do that, but I think what he means is if his WTS is an english version then how can he display those especial characters for each country. Regards, m_quial

We have 5 countries running Navision on one terminalserver(or actually Citrix), and we have some problems with some special characters. They display correctly in Navision but Navisions UPPERCASE command (and when entering something in a code field) doesn’t work. The characters remain small. I think that having different terminal servers would have solved that problem but I am not hundra procent sure. Just wanted to share that there are things to consider with countries who have some special characters. Regards Daniel

Hi Daniel, But how did you overcome the problem of Navision Attain regarding user locale and default system locale. Is it a feature in Citrix? What workaround did you do? Regards, Marlon

Hi, we also have problems with display some characters in Czech and Hungaria . We have one datebase and also Terminal Server (Citrix) for Austria, Germany, Slovenia, Hungaria,Czech, Dutch. We have installed the “Standard region setup” for Czech on the database server and on the terminal server - this no solution for takamasa - maybe anyone eles have this problem :slight_smile:

Marlon: I am not really sure what you mean with User Locale. Default on all servers are English but users can have their own setting (for instance Swedish, which give swedish special characters). Is this what you were asking? Daniel

Hello Daniel, I mean, Navision client is installed in the Terminal server with English OS. Windows 2000 has what we called as User Locale : this can be set for each user System locale : this is common to all Unfortunately, Navision, I think is based on system locale. So for example if I have a Japanese, German, and an English user. And your Navision has the screen translations for each language. Scenario 1 - System locale : English English : OK German : OK for ordinary numbers and alphabet characters but cannot display special characters. Japanese : OK for ordinary numbers and alphabet characters but cannot display Kanjis. Scenario 2 - System locale : German English : OK German : OK including German special characters Japanese : OK for ordinary numbers and alphabet characters but cannot display Kanjis This can be solved by using several terminal servers, each server setting the system local each language. I may be wrong, so do you have any idea? Regards, Marlon

HI Marlon, I think you are correct. but which version of Terminal Server are you using? I am pretty sure that what you are experiencing is correct for NT4 TS, but what about using Metaframe over Win2k, that should give you the Locales you are looking for. (No guarantees though).

OK, then I understand. But this is not a problem for us. We have one Citrix server, system locale is english. But every user has their own setting so that for instance our German users can display their special characters(double s, u with dots over it and so on). Typing in Navision is no problem, the only problem we have is that when our norwegian and danish users use the letter ø then this is not made into Ø when typing it in a code field (which works for the other characters that we use). So as far as I understand this as you describe is not a problem for us. We use W2K with Citrix Metaframe XP 1.0. Daniel