Terminal Server Client Install Error

I have v2.60e binaries installed and running on Windows 2000 pro and XP Pro workstations as well as NT4 Terminal server based Citrix AND Windows Terminal Server 2003. I am replacing the Windows 2003 Terminal Server hardware and am having a little issue. When a domain user tries to run Navision they get the following error in a “Problem with Shortcut” Windows error box: “Only administrators have permission to add, remove or configure server software…etc…” So… After much trial and error I go logon as the domain user on the console, and the software “installs”. However, every time the user runs Navision it goes through the install routine. Hmmm… Later, I notice that it’s spinning the following error in the event log. Event Type: Warning Event Source: MsiInstaller Event Category: None Event ID: 1004 Description: "Detection of product ‘{00000000-0000-00A8-0000836BD2D2}’, feature ‘Navision Financials’, component ‘{9C63F257-AF75-4D25-BB1A-74F903F0B772}’ failed. The resource ‘HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Microsoft Input Devices\Mouse\Exceptions\1501\Filename’ does not exist. I put the key into the registry and assign it a value of “IEXPLORE.EXE” and life is good. Hmmm… Anyone solved this before with a real fix? Thanks! [?]

You can solve it by creating your own link to the fin.exe on your Desktop or you programs-menu. Just do not use the Start/Programs/Microsoft…etc…-Entry that was created during the Installation.

However, every time the user runs Navision it goes through the >>install routine. Hmmm… Try to let the user log-in and and use the Run As command to reinstall Navision client.