Temporary table in form


Can anybody plz tell how to call a class in form ??

for example i hv class name premium and i want to use it in my formdatasource method(init),how i will use class in form??

Plz help ASAP.


Exactly as from any other place. You’ll either use static method, or you’ll create an instance of your class and call instance methods.

Hey Martin,

I hv a temporary table and i want to popoulate data in form through class.I called the method by using object of class,the method is working but my form showing no data. I don’t know is there any other procedure for temporary table.
Plz suggest!!

following are the details-

PremiumInsert() is method of my class PremiumCust, CustPremiumTable is temporary table

public void PremiumInsert()
SalesLine salesLine;
CustTable custTable;
CustPremiumTable CustPremiumTable;

while select sum(LineAmount) from salesLine
group by salesline.CustAccount
custTable = CustTable::find(SalesLine.CustAccount);
if(salesline.LineAmount > 10000)
CustPremiumTable.TotalSale = salesline.LineAmount;
CustPremiumTable.CustomerAccount = salesline.CustAccount;
CustPremiumTable.Name = custTable.Name();
CustPremiumTable.CustomerGroup = custTable.CustGroup;


i’m calling this method in my formdatasource init() method,the info is working properly but my form showing no data

public void init()

PremiumCust cust=new PremiumCust();
cust.PremiumInsert(); //this call is printing the details in infolog


Why do yo ask “How to call a class in form?” if your question is “How to use a temporary table as form datasource?” If you want to get an answer “ASAP”, you’ll have to do better job when asking.

To use a temporary table as form data source, you have to link the buffer on form with the temporary buffer. Details depends on type of the temporary table (InMemory: setTmpData() / TempDB: linkPhysicalTableInstance()). Look at Axaptapedia: Temporary tables for details.

Hey Martin,

As i’m new to Ax and i was using class in my form for first time. I had created the object of my class but it was not giving any output as stated above therefore i was confused how to use class in form.
Sorry for inconvenience and will ask question with clearity next time!!
Thanks for your response!![:)]


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