Temp Table

Im using temp table in Job to delete the temptable data using tempTable variable,.

if two different users access the same job instantly is there any data lose between two user ?


it is depending on how you are using your code, please check locking concurrency in AX


Data in temporary tables are temporary and they’re delete when you stop using the table buffer, so deleting them in a job makes no sense. Your would have to first create some data to delete.
If you can select data in your job without first creating them, your table clearly isn’t temporary.

Assume if 1st process takes 30 mins to complete at at the end of the process i used to delete the temp table. during the middle of the process 2nd user process the same but it will complete in 2 mins. In that case, is there any data lose in 1st process ?

If it’s a temporary table, each process has its own data and no access to the temporary table instance of the other process.