Tell me how to become a Dynamics AX Developer.

Hello everyone,

I was just wondering what sort of knowledge should I have to become a succesfull user / deveoper of axapta. Whot sort of programming languages should i know?

Maybe some suggestions regarding available books that would help me to achieve my goal?

Many thanks in advance !!!


Do you mean Navision or Axapta?

sorry i ment axapta

Well, there are a couple of books you might consider.

But I would recommend MorphX IT:


I was one of the people that made the translation into Russian, and I should say that the book is good, especially for beginners.

Also, there are some chm files that go with the installation CD.

Good luck! Hope you will succeed in your goal of becoming an AX developer.

Many thanks!

Can you tell me if there;s any demo version ox Axapta that I can downlod to work on (together with development tools)?

If not what sort of software will i need together with the book you advised me about?

Many thanks in advance!


If you subscribe to MSDN you can get a devloper verison of Axapta 4.0 for training and testing purposes.

Hello ,


Logged in there but can not find anything?

Would you be able to provide a link for download?

I don’t think links work,

Log in and go to your subscribers section:
Click on the Subscriber benefits, Downloads and product keys:
Go to the MS Dynamics section (thats real new, it was MBS a month ago):

from there you should find it.