Technical upgrade - database size reduction

Good day,

I’m about to do a technical upgrade from NAV4 SP3 to Classic NAV2009 R2. We will continue to use the NAV database server.

Others have said that the database size after the technical upgrade causes a shrink in database size with the SQL Server database if you restore from a backup file. Does this also happen with the native NAV server? I gather that it does not happen when opening and converting a v4 database.


Database-file-size will not change.

After the technical upgrade, perform a re-compile of all objects (Object Designer, [show] All, Ctrl+A, F11).

But - prior to all this - make a backup!

Regardless of approach, I would recommend that you:

  1. REBUILD selected or all indexes to remove fragmentation and maximize performance.
  2. Review and adjust the database’s file parameters for initial size and for auto-growth.

This is relevant when using MS-SQL as database; in native I would perform a database-check and a total recompile

But - first of all - create backup!

No it does not. The reason why there is a difference on SQL Server is the way that SIFT is implemented on that platform. On native, SIFT has not changed, and should therefore not cause any significant file size reduction.