Techincal Upgrade from 3.60 to 4.0 SP3

Because the new PC’s in our company were pre-installed with Visa, we must upgrade with our navision DB.

A real upgrade has taken to much time, we have decided to do a technical upgrade.

I know that you must upgrade all the clients and the serverprocess. But is there

anybody who knows if there are other problems with the technical upgrade or does everything workfine after the install of the client on every client.

If you migrate to Navision 4.0 SP3 + fixes you shouldn’t have any problems

A quick summary : NAV Technical Upgrade

I think the only problem you’re going to have are with the permissions. The way 4.0 handles permissions is different than 3.x. One of the issues we had when we did a technical upgrade was to add additional permissions to the roles.

4.0 SP3 is no big problem. Just keep in mind that the ne-numbers in the printer setup is finally gone.

If You are running on SQL also consider set the security model to standard so permission sync works better (this way You will only have one application role like back in the 3.X days)


Hello Alex,

excuse me, we have the same problem.

Do you have a codeunit or report that add this permissions to the roles?

Thank you,
have a nice day,

Stève Galeuchet

All the above are vaild points. Remember:

SQL components are changed.

So check that any other components (MDAC) are compatible.

When using SQL and NT authentication then check user permissions; recommend using the Advanced Security model.

Possible to switch on the Navigation pane by mistake.

The database upgrade can take some time (hours) dependent upon size of database.

As ever - do the upgrade on a QA / test system before committing to Live.

Good Luck.


Unfortunately, no. We just handle it on a case by case incident. I guess we couldn’ve just exported all the permissions with the execute property of Yes on the permissions…