Tech 2003 Update

The Microsoft Business Solutions Tech 2003 in Minneapolis has now been kicked off. The general opening session was giving a wide overview of Microsoft Business Solution’s current state and future plans. They used much effort in stating that all current product lines would continue to be enhanced and supported at least until 2013 - or 7 years after the release of the coming project Green product. To the same topic they said that it was planned to be released mid 2006 and it was a sort of “best of” all products. I.e. they have been looking much at Navision for it’s ease of use and into Solomon for it’s use of Visual Basics. And with the intensive use of Visual Studio MBS is using in other areas, then we are to expect a Visual Basic programmed system under Visual Studio? Other news to this session was Navision 4.00. No dates where mentioned but it would get a new user interface with focus of an even better ease-of-use and enhanced Office integration. Finally the announced that shortly we will also see Navision and Axapta areas in the MBS section of MSDN (Microsoft Developer Network)- along with the current Great Plains and Solomon areas. Does this mean that Microsoft now finally are opening up for the system to the customers?

Thanks for the information Erik, its long time we heard anything on the front. I would be looking forward to that V4.0 for Navision. Assuming that the new version will be out there early next year, how many more major releases/version(s) of Navision can we expect before it’s said, this is the last version? We also heard that there are good plans for Navision, so does it despel thoughts that the Product is going to die soon? Are there any other links, where we can get more information on your topic.

Thanks for all the information Mr erik.Is there any date from which we can get navision documents from MSDN

Thanks for the updated Erik. I was unable to attend the conference, unfortunatley - if you could advise where we can get hold of any presentations / papers and updates from the conference, it would be greatly appreciated. Alison

Dear MR Erick. Kindly tell us where we can get hold of any presentations/papers and updates from the conference. It will be helpful in updating all our memebers

As to papers/presentations from the conference, then we still haven’t gotten any. I guess we’ll get them when the conference ends, just like with the Navision Technical Briefing last year. And depending on the copyright info on the documents I guess we can make them available for download. But why didn’t more of you show up here?

Hi Erik I guess that most members are dependant upon their employers to allow the time out of work and to pay the costs of flights / accommodation etc… Alison

Hi Alison, I guess it’s a matter of prioritizing! [;)][;)] But you’re right. And on top of that Microsoft did a lousy job of selling this conference… It will also be the first and last MBS Tech conference. Next year it will become part of Microsoft’s regular TechEd conference.


Originally posted by vbeswar
Thanks for all the information Mr erik.Is there any date from which we can get navision documents from MSDN

I was just told that all the presentations will be available on the MSDN network a few days after the conference.

In the Netherlands these presentations are always placed on the partnerguide within days after the conference…

It may take more time, because Navision is not yet on MDSN.

The question is which Version(s) will be on MSDN? And what type of Tools can we expect? In general, Andy at MSDN is pretty good at putting things up. 99% of time, you ask, you get :slight_smile: For Solomon and Great Plain, the MSDN version is hardcoded to a specific company, but there is no other limitation to it.