TCP/IP Problems

I´m the administrator of a net with 30 NF´s clients. Our net is TCP/IP and I have a problem with only one client. When he connect with the NF server and it answers: Problems TCP/IP you must be to check the files ‘Hosts’ and ‘Services’. But other programs (Outlook, Contaplus, etc) in the same server runs good in the same computer client In the computer when it is installed the NF client not exits the file hosts and the file services is good. The rest computer haven´t the hosts file and NF runs good. In my net when install a client I do nothing to connect to the server, only Archive->Connect (Put the server name) and the connection runs quickly. Please help me ! ! ! ! ! Thank you very much Bye

Hey Dr.Jones Try sorting the services file in servicenumber order.

Also try just connecting to the server via IP address with fin.exe nettype=tcp,servername=x.x.x.x This eliminates the need for a hosts file. Jack

Thank you for your answers, but my problem continues. The NF show the next message: THE HOSTS FILE OF TCP/IP DOESN´T RESPOND (ERROR ECONNREFUSED OF TCP/IP)

  1. Remove TCP protocol and restart PC 2. Setup TCP protocol 3. Verify IP mask 4. Ping server’s IP 5. Use shortcut “…\fin.exe servername=aaa.bbb.ccc.ddd, nettype=tcp”