Has anyone seen the following message?

“There was a time-out in an attempt to establish a connection with the server (TCP/IP error ETIMEDOUT).”

There is no problem pinging the server though.

Chek if Navision uses TCP/S insted of TCP


I assumed you are working on native navision database server.

and assuming your database server name and machine name ( computer/server) are the same

If thats correct then you can check by the following sequence :

As mentioned by bigdarki, check if the navsion client connection setting is TCP.

If that setting is right, then go to: C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc

Look for hosts and services files.

Open the hosts to edit…

If your machine name differs from the database server name use localhost and key in the ip address of that machine. localhost

If both have the same name then key in the ip address and the machine name .

Example: both the Machine and Database server name is Maya Maya

Once done save and close it.

The open the services file and edit the service name and the port number ( port number can be different and unique to the service)

Maya 1443/TCP

Once done save and close it.

Note: In some cases, you wont required to edit the service in the services file.

Go to - Start-Run and type in “services.msc” without the " " and click Ok.

Services.msc will open up. Scroll thru the service and look for the: Microsoft Business Solutions-Navision Database Server Maya.

Right Click on that service and click property. Check to make sure the Log On is set with either Local System Account or NT Authority\NetworkService Account

Once done, Start the Service in the Service.msc console itself.

Now try to connect with your Navision Client pointing to the database server name Maya.

You should be able to get the connection.

If after all these checkings you are still unable to get the connection, try changing your network card. Possible for network card to malfunction in such a senerio.

You can also try the network card as your first step.

I hope this will help you and benefits everyone.

Thanks and regards,


Both suggestions were extremely helpful! After checking each, it seems that the issue could be the network connection. This particular remote user experiencing the issue noticed that the problem does not exist if he remotes into the office where the server is located. Thanks again.