TCP/IP Error ETIMEDOUT when connecting to server


Installing a Navision Database server as a service is really simplictic, and there is not a lot that can go wrong. As such you may be over complicating this or not following what we are recommending correctly.

Please read these steps and give us back the answers to each one.

  1. Does the server start succesfully
  2. Do you need to start it in Command Prompt or is it in the Service’s UI?
  3. If the server starts, can you connect to the database server from a Navision Client installed on the server?
  4. If you can complete step 3, can you connect to the database server from a Navision Client installed on a client machine?
  5. Have you changed either of the Services or Hosts files in …\System32\Drivers\Etc ?

Dear Tony, All,

Tku for your patience and answers and also your advise. I am very satisified in training, reading manual, and also studying network manual and discussing with NSC. You must know that if the implementation finish, all contracts with NSC are gone and if need assistance from them, money is the best answer for them before give us their assistance, but in this forum, I am freely to answer and you are all here freely to give your opinion too. Although, I wonder if this forum need supporting or not like, supported vary from 20 USD - … I don’t remember. But I agree if there is a need to supporting although I know you are all here rich and have a lot of money because navision is very easy sold in the EUROPE, USA, etc. except South East Asia.

to Tony,

I Have followed the step 1 and it works good except if I run the server.exe from command.exe/command prompt, there will be error message. If I start the server from Service windows, I can’t open Navision database server, when I put database server name = SERVER, put database name = c:\program files\microsoft business solutions-navision-4-0\database server\database.fdb. the error message said "…check atribute,etc…etc… I can’t remember. But if I do the steps that I write in the command prompt there will be seen the words the server starts successfullt, press esc to stop the server.

No. 3 not yet be done, because I am still focusing in the opening of database server from the server computer. I thought I can’t connect to the navision database server from client computer if the server is not running. so no. 4 not yet done. No. 5 I am very very satisified to do this, even my stomatch is suddenly full of wind when I must facing this words again. I just put in the server computer host SERVER, tcp : SERVER 3000/TCP in the services. And the most crazy that is in my laptop when it’s assigned as client, I can’t open the database if I write servername = SERVER, but it must SERVER1, or vice versa, meanwhile in the other client computer are not.

I always think about every time I open the service window from control panel, I see the microsoft business solutions SERVER written there is start, it is caused by the service start automatically. but when I open database server with server name = SERVER, there is an error message appears. of course I fail. But when I start server.exe in the command prompt it works good, although I must do the steps I write.

I just want to cry…why don’t you all here believe my work…?



the error message said "…check atribute,etc…etc… I can’t remember

That does not help, we really need to know the exact error message. Its like taking your car to a garage and saying “It doesn’t work”, “Well what’s wrong with it?”, “Er, engine noise, wheel fell off, Actually I can’t remember…”

If you can’t post a message on this forum from the computer in question. Write it down and then post the EXACT error message, letter for letter, word for word.

For the time being unless we can get the server started, you might as well try nothing else.

So, if you would like me to continue helping you please do exactly the following and give exact answers back. Sorry if that sounds a little hard, but your posts go on a bit, and I struggle to understand what you are trying to say, I appreciate the language difference, so please try to be concise with your responses.

  1. Get the exact error message of when you try to start the server. Reply with the Exact error message and nothing more.

  2. Try to open the Database directly, not using the server. File->Database->Open. Make sure that the server name field is empty. Click on the Assist Edit button (Little box with 3 dots on it) in the Database Name field, browse to the database you are trying to use as a server, not a different one. Open it.

If it opens, let us know it opened. If you get an error give us back the exact error message!

Dear Tony, All,
I will make clear by rewritten what I understand about David and Tony suggestions.
I install the navision database server with servername=server. I run command prompt and
type server.exe servername=server, installasservice.
then I open services from administrative tools in control panel, and I find in the list
Microsoft Business Solutions-Navision Database Server SERVER
I click start and then it starts now.
However when I open database in server computer with server name = server, there is an error message said
the operating system cannot gain access to the file F:\Program Files\Microsoft Business
Solutions-Navision-4-0\Database Server\database.fdb. Pls check that the file type and attributes
are correct.
This same error message is also appear in the client computer when I open database server
in the client’s computer. If I close database server in the server computer and the services still started
,then I open database server in the client, the same error message is also appear.

Meanwhile if I run these steps:

  1. open command prompt
  2. type F:\Program Files\Microsoft Business
    Solutions-Navision-4-0\Database Server after doing :1. E:\Documents and Settings\Andreas>cd\
  3. d:>F: ,3. F:>cd program files, 4. F:>program files>cd microsoft business solutions-navision-4-0
  4. F:>program files>cd microsoft business solutions-navision-4-0>cd database server, 6.
    F:>program files>cd microsoft business solutions-navision-4-0>database server>
  5. type server.exe and press enter
  6. The command prompt windows appear and display as follows:
    Starting Database Server SERVER …
    Cache (Kb) : 10000
    Commit Cache : Yes
    Maximum Session : 8
    Maximum database : 120902
    Nettype : TCP
    Database : F:\Program Files\Microsoft Business Solutions-Navision-4-0\Database Server\database.fdb
    Licensed to : Alamak Company
    Andreas Gunawan

    Database Server successfully started
    Press Esc to shut down the server
  7. Then I open database with server name=server, the database server opened successfully.
    But those steps (1-5) are wasting time so much. Can you tell if I can make a *.cmd file contains the steps (1-5)
    to run the server?

In the service windows I did as follows:

  1. Open services
  2. Click start after highlight or click once to select Microsoft Business Solutions-Navision Database Server SERVER
    then the service is started, I can see it in the status column.
  3. Open database server with server name=server
  4. The error message “the operating system cannot gain access to the file F:\Program Files\Microsoft Business
    Solutions-Navision-4-0\Database Server\database.fdb. Pls check that the file type and attributes
    are correct.” appear as I pressed the OK button.

Meanwhile in the host I have written : SERVER and services I have written : SERVER 3000/TCP
I open database server in the server computer and not from client computer. The host and the services also written
in the clients computers.
What do you all think about it now ? am I really doing wrong steps…?
I appreciate your answers so much.



  1. check the properties of the database. Actually find the database.fdb and then right click properties. if it is set to read only take this off.

  2. check the services “Logon as” account, if its Local System/service then try using your domain account information.


Dear Tony, All,
Why did you all here have the heart to give me the bends and turn right - turn left street…? [:(]

Did it because of my rude words to Navision and Microsoft? I am very sad for this, but it’s happened,
for this I concluded in my inner self : Experience is the good lesson to grap successful in the future"
I have posted more than once before the correct answer now has been given by Tony. [:D]
I just changed the Log on as field on tab Log On of the services properties from This account to
Local System Account, then click start the server. So, it means that if I want to open the navision
database server, I can directly run it but if it’s set automatically.
I am sure if there is no other answer, this topic is closed and many thks to you all who participate
and patiently in facing and answer my questions.


Got there in the end [:D]

There is no such thing as command.exe. I think whoever posted it meant, or in NT, also cmd.exe. It’s the Command Prompt. There are many ways to get to it:

1 - Go to Start–>All Programs–>Accessories–>Command Prompt, OR:
2 - Go to Start–>Run, and type “cmd”, then press Enter.