TCP/IP error 10093 and 10038 when closing the company

Hello Experts,

when I’m closing a company (or the database), I receive more or less always the error message

“TCP/IP network sent error code 10093” or alternatively “10038”, I tried to find out what the meaning of these errors is and found the following in MSDN:

WSAENOTSOCK = An operation was attempted on something that is not a socket

WSANOTINITIALISED = Either the application has not called WSAStartup, or WSAStartup failed.

The error comes (when debugging) somewhere around the “LoginEnd” of the CU 1.

Any ideas how to avoid that ?

Running 4.0 SP2 Build 22611 on client and native server

Anything in the Event Log for both Server/Client?

also try doing a ping -t and see if you get any packet loss…

In the mean time I’ll try and think of some other things it could be.


This is all no problem, and the worst thing: it happens 4 out of 5 times only.

My guess would be that the command for “Company”,“Close” is running in a kind of multithread. On one hand trying to run through some C/AL code and on the other hand already disconnecting somehow from the server. The error actually comes inside debugger on a table operation !!!


This problem might be coming when you are trying to access the database from server & your close command already lost connection with server.

Try to reinstall Navision again & also check the TCP/IP property of the system also check that this error occurs on a single machine or on all machine.


You running any personal firewall stuff?

I know personal firewalls can screw up the Debugger.

Is there anything in the database that is relying on connections outside of Navision. Like Outlook integration.

Just stabbing here! [:D]

Sorry for replying that late.

Actually I’m trying to close a lot of listeners running in my program (when the LoginEnd function runs).

But anyway. At this stage, the system should not have lost the connection at all !!!