Taxes in Dynamics CRM

I was wondering if there is a setting in CRM in the following areas for creating whether to charge tax or not. We would like to assign certain products which will not calculate tax on a quote or order. At the same time we would like to mark a customer as not taxable so that the orders and quotes will not calculate taxes.

I couldn’t find this setting anywhere in the items or customers. I was wondering if this is available or is this something that needs to be customized.



That isn’t native functionality within Dynamics 365 CE. However, you can absolutely configure something like that. Perhaps using a business rule to set tax conditionally when Non-taxable is not selected? You could also use calculated fields. If you’re looking to calculate it on the line item, that becomes more complicated and it might require some fancy code/customization.

Hi swenger7! I think you might need help of a professional there. My company is using Dynamics CRM if we had any problem our professional would help us. Here is a link to their website I hope you can get better help from them.