Tax Structure in invoice


Due to change in tax structure, we require to add one more tax line in invoice printout. Previously the invoice our invoice tax structure was being printout in invoice as follows :—

Total assessable Value : 386550.00

B.E.D @ 16 61848.00

Edu. Cess @2 1236.96

Total+B.E.D+Ecess 449634.96

VAT@ 4 17985.40

Total Value 487620.36

Sir, I want the invoice to be modified as follows :—

Total assessable Value : 386550.00

B.E.D @ 16 61848.00

Edu. Cess @2 1236.96

H.S.Edu.Cess @1 on B.E.D 3865.50

Total+B.E.D+Ecess +H.S.EduCess 453500.46

VAT@ 4 18140.08

Total Value 471640.54


please guide.

thanks & regards

vivek Rai

Dear Vivek,

What solution are you asking about? Dynamics NAV, AX or GP?


really sorry for the same. The problem is in Dynamics NAV 4.00.

Please guide

Obviously as Erik says, you are not going to be able to get any help if we don’t know what product this is. I am guessing its in India, but that doesn’t help much.

Anyway, which ever product it is. It does look like the Invocie has been hard coded, and this is a very good example if why it you should never hard code in ERP systems. Basically it looks liekthe report has hard coded a position for 4% etc. so when you add new tax it doesn’t print.

I think that no matter what you are going to have to go back to who ever programmed this and see about getting it fixed. If its for some local legal requirement such as specific tax layout oninvoices, then you would need to go to who ever localized, since they should be addressing the issue.

OK, I have moved the post to the correct forum. (Please try to post to the correct forum next time to get a quicker response).

Anyway, what I said above applies in any case. This report could be either localized by Navision India, by your NSC, or by your company in house.

You will be able to get general prgramming help on the forum, and I am sure we will do what we can to help, but you are going to need to post an actual question. Its very hard to fix a hard coded report, since it needs knowledge not only of the code, but also of the data, which we don’t have.

David, please fix your keyboard. I see this more and more often.[:D]

I’ve not worked very much with the Tax Structure feature of the Indian version of Dynamics NAV, but it’s my understanding that you should be able to do this without any programming (so David maybe we sould move it to the End User Questions - check out the Tax Structure feature - it’s actually a very nice feature to enable you modify the layout and way you calculate tax on invoices - like tax on tax - and with the many different taxes they have in India you would really have to make so tough hardcoding if you didn’t have this feature).

My suggestion to you: Contact your local NAV partner and have them help you set this up. You might be able to find someone here who can help you, but most likely you would have to wait till they read your entry.